Oct 28 09
by cara
at 4:27 PM
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Definitely My Kid

Well, my week is imploding, and as you can see, posting has been a little slow.  The Littlest Apple is still sick and will be missing his Fall Party tomorrow, and now it seems The Picky Apple and I might be getting sick too.  I’m REALLY hoping we can make it to The Littlest Apple’s GI appointment on Friday.

For now, here’s something that makes me smile.

Pottery Barn Catalog

Can you tell what The Littlest Apple is looking at?  It’s the Pottery Barn Catalog!  He asked Daddy to read it to him.  Daddy reluctantly obliged.  The Littlest Apple loved it….lots of “oohing” and “aahing” over the candles, Christmas decorations, and all things Pottery Barn.  See his little “ooooh” lips below?  Love it!

Pottery Barn Catalog 2

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From motherhood

  1. Love it!!! He has great taste!

  2. Ricki permalink

    That is so funny!

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