Oct 25 09
by cara
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Tot School This Week


learningthroughlovepngThe Littlest Apple is 26 months old.

I haven’t been keeping my camera handy lately, nor have we been doing as many planned activities as normal.  So here is a recap of some of our activities from the last couple of weeks (in addition to Art Playgroup, The Little Gym class, and Mother’s Day Out!).  For this upcoming week, I’m planning on getting back to The Itty Bitty Bookworm curriculum which I absolutely love, and taking more pictures!

We went to a small airport after lunch with Grandma and Grandpa.  The Littlest Apple got to see some small airplanes up close, we saw airplanes land and takeoff, and a helicopter take off too!

Finley Airport

image from Grandma...thanks for taking great pictures!

We played with some truck stamps.  The Littlest Apple is finally starting to understand what to do with his stamps (though it isn’t obvious from this photo, where he’s holding the stamp side up!).  It is still very messy, and I don’t think my ink pad is washable.  It took forever to get all that ink off of his hands!


Last weekend, we visited Dewberry Farms, where The Littlest Apple rode on a corn barrel train, got to see pigs, chickens, roosters, geese, horses, donkeys, goats, bunnies.  We didn’t stay long this year because it was REALLY crowded (they had just been featured on Good Morning America the day before), and The Littlest Apple was getting cranky.

I probably shouldn’t be encouraging running in the house, but we have a straight shot from the front door to the back door.  This week we did lots of racing with running, walking backwards, hopping, and galloping from door to door.  He LOVED this!

The Littlest Apple is showing more interest in stickers, which is great because I’ve got tons!  This week he played with his construction trucks sticker book.  I walked off for one second to check on dinner, and came back to this:


His sticker creation reminds me so much of THIS page in Richard Scarry’s Cars, Trucks, and Things That Go:


The Littlest Apple has really come a long way with his gluing skills.  He loves to glue now, so we’ve been making lots of collages.  I do all the cutting, but he helps me select the pictures and does all the gluing and picture placement.  It will be great when he can help with the cutting too!  In the last week, we made a pumpkin collage, a baking collage, and a Halloween collage.  I’m amazed at how good he does at placing the pictures on the glue…he always manages to get them right side up!

Pumpkin Collage

Baking Collage

I can’t remember which blog featured this torn paper candy corn activity (if you know, let me know so I can give proper credit!), but I knew I wanted to try it with The Littlest Apple.  He got a little frustrated tearing the paper, so I wound up helping lots.  We still need to work on tearing skills.  (Or do we??!)  He also got lots of help from mom with placing the paper on the glue because he was way more interested in throwing all the bits of paper up in the air!

Candy Corn Collage

Candy Corn Collage 2

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up!

    We use Itty Bitty Bookworm and love it too.

    I really like your fall themed collages and that candy corn picture is adorable!!

  2. You are making me homesick for those sweet days when my boys were little!! They grow up so very fast. Enjoy every minute!


  3. You have a beautiful blog! So many great ideas!

    Thanks for dropping by our little corner of the world!

  4. That candy corn collage is adorable!! My tot would never listen to me well enough to creat that. LOL She only likes to do things her way.

  5. I love the pumpkin collage and the candy corn picture. I may have to steal those ideas this week.

  6. I love the Halloween collage. I have some Halloween Oriental Trading magazines begging to be cut and pasted. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great week – I love your candy corn collage. The sticker truck pileup made me giggle – I agree that it looks like Scarry book. I read somewhere in the blog world that this type of ink can be removed by raspberry jelly – go figure. I haven’t tried it myself though 🙂

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