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What The Littlest Apple is Reading

Here are some of the books The Littlest Apple has been enjoying this week:

Alphabet, by Matthew Van Fleet

We love all of Matthew Van Fleet’s interactive books, but this is the one we’ve been reading lots this week.  There are flaps, scratch and sniff, things to touch, moving pages, all in addition to the great illustrations and catchy text.  My son and I notice something new every time we read this one.  Right now he likes to make the “newborn nightingales cheep cheep cheep.”

Alphabet Matthew Van Fleet

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, by Richard Scarry

This one is a daily read (or twice daily!) in our house.  The Littlest Apple loves all the different vehicles in this one.  It’s a long book for his age if you read every page so we don’t always follow the exact story, but again, there is lots of stuff to look at on each page.  Now if I could only get The Littlest Apple to look at some of the other Richard Scarry books we have….

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

Tumble Bumble, by Felicia Bond

This book is one of my favorites to read with The Littlest Apple.  We first read this book as part of the Itty Bitty Bookworm Curriculum back in May.  The Littlest Apple caught on quick to the rhyming text, and he can finish all of the verses.  This was the first book he did that with, so it holds a special place in my heart.  The story is a sweet one, and I always love Felicia Bond’s illustrations.

Tumble Bumble

I Know A Rhino, by Charles Fuge

This is another Itty Bitty Bookworm book that we keep coming back to.  It’s the story of a little girl who has lots of animal friends.  She has tea with a rhino, takes a bath with a giraffe, etc.

I Know A Rhino

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  1. Thanks for linking to me. I have to look up that book by Felicia Bond – I love her illustrations of Laura Numeroff’s books. My daughter absolutely loved Cars and Trucks and Things to Go when she was about 2 years old. She does love other stories too – especially the one that I like least – The Biggest Word Book Ever. 🙂

  2. Great suggestions. I’ll have to check some of these out. Cars and Trucks and Things that Go is a big favorite in our house too!

  3. What a great idea for a blogpost. My son is a big reader too… I will have to check some of these out, right now we’re on a HUGE Berenstein Bears kick and I could use a break, lol!

  4. That Alphabet book looks intriguing. I’m always so fascinated by ABC books. We have a million varieties of those already, but I wouldn’t mind adding this “interactive” one to our collection. 😉

  5. This is my first visit to your blog–I clicked over from a link on Steady Mom.

    I’m always looking for book suggestions for my 3yo son, and perused all your past lists to compile some we haven’t tried yet. Thanks! If you’d like to see some of the books we’ve enjoyed, you can click here: http://watibg.blogspot.com/search/label/books

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