Oct 4 09
by cara
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Tot School This Week


The Littlest Apple is 25 months.

It seemed like we had lots going on this week, but I think this is just our new normal as The Littlest Apple is in Mother’s Day Out on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we have a Mommy and Me class at The Little Gym on Monday mornings.   As I mentioned in the last post, this was our first week of Art Playgroup, too.

I’m having a little bit of trouble accomplishing all of the Tot School activities I plan for us, and this week in particular, The Littlest Apple mostly just wanted to be outside!  Okay, that’s really nothing new.  This kid LOVES to be outside, so I’m trying to go with it.  This week our theme was leaves, but I only got in a few of the activities planned…there are so many great leaf activities!  We’ll be carrying this theme over to next week.

The Littlest Apple and I made these nature hats early in the week.  He helped with the sticker placement and the folding of the paper.  Folding is a new skill that he still doesn’t really get, but we’re working on it.

Leaf Hat

While I was finishing up our hats (yup, I made one for Mommy too), The Littlest Apple practiced cutting paper with some safety scissors.  This is another skill we’re just starting on, and still have a lot of work to do.  He LOVES to play with the scissors, but still doesn’t understand how to hold the scissors or the paper properly.  So he gets frustrated, but he will accept absolutely no assistance from anyone.  As in, don’t even pretend like you are going to reach over to help him, or he’ll start shrieking.  It’s a little frustrating, so I haven’t brought out the scissors much lately.

Practice with scissors (I think he took his shirt off because he got a little water on it and didn’t like the way it felt.  He’s all about taking his shirt off when it is messy):

Practice With Scissors

Jumped in, scooped, threw and dumped (fake) leaves:

Jumping in Leaves

Leaves in Dump Truck

Lots of outside time this week!  Playing in the sandbox:

Playing in the Sandbox

Learning how to play t-ball:

Playing T Ball

Driving his wheelbarrow around the yard.  He likes to pick flowers (weeds) and grass, put them in the wheelbarrow, then dump it all out on the patio..

Driving a Wheelbarrow

Basketball, slide, and watching birds and airplanes:

Pointing at Airplanes on the Jungle Gym

Helping mommy bake pumpkin muffins (measured and poured the ingredients in the kitchen mixer, smelled the spices, stirred the streusel):

Baking pumpkin muffins with mommy

Painting with leaves….and a paintbrush too, because he was getting too much paint on his hands.  The Littlest Apple does NOT like paint on his hands!

Painting with Leaves



Tree art (first time he used Elmer’s glue by himself):

Tree Art

Scavenger hunt for red things:

Red Scavenger Hunt

As always, we also read lots and lots of books, but I’ll share these in a separate post!

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  1. I often have trouble getting in our tot school activities too. LOL But then when I go back to blog I realize I accomplished more then I thought. (This week wasn’t one of those weeks though. LOL)

    It looks like you guys had a great week!

  2. Looks like a fun week to me! =)

  3. Ok, so I think my daughter may just be your son’s twin. She too doesn’t like it when her shirt is wet, or paint on her hands and forget about trying to help her with scissors, but she has noooo clue how to use them, lol! As I was reading your post I felt like I was reliving our totschool experiences. I don’t have this week’s posted yet but will tomorrow. I love the pic of your son smelling the spice!

  4. I love your photos. My Bear is the same age as you son. She is obsessed with cutting right now. She’ll sit there for over an hour. I started her off with strips of paper about an inch wide to cut into strips. This helped her learn how to hold paper and coordinate scissors at the same time. Now she can cut magazines with only a bit of assistance. You can read more about some of my scissor tricks here: http://theadventuresofbear.blogspot.com/2009/10/cutting.html

  5. I love how you all played in the leaves 🙂 Great pictures.

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