Sep 19 09
by cara
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Welcome to The NEW Picky Apple!

As my regular readers have probably noticed, my new recipe posts have dramatically decreased lately.  The truth is, the vast majority of our meals are boring basics that I’ve already shared or new recipes that I’m not so in love with that I MUST share with you.  I’m proposing a change to the content of this blog.  While cooking and baking are certainly passions of mine, there are many other facets to my life.  I’m currently in a season of life where the cooking usually takes a back seat to other things.

I love the outlet blogging provides, but many times recently I have found it more of a chore to write about a recipe when there are so many other things I’d love to tell you about.  While I plan to continue to share my favorite recipes, I’d like to shift the focus of this blog to include other aspects of my life: being a mommy, activities with my son, becoming a better homemaker, decorating and making our three year old builder basic home a little more “ours, ” book reviews, a few crafty things, and highlights from the many other blogs I read.  I thought about keeping a separate recipe blog and starting a new personal blog, but I like the idea of having it all together.  I feel it is more reflective of “me” this way.  Rest assured, the recipes will still be easy to find if that’s why you’re here.  As you can see, we’ve been working on a blog redesign to go along with the new content, though there is still some work left to do.  A blog re-design was one of my 30th birthday presents from The Picky Apple, and I am so thankful for all the work he’s done so far on this blog.

Let’s kick things off here with an introduction, shall we?

Right now, one of the biggest parts of my life is this kid.

TLA Reading Comics

Meet my son, The Littlest Apple.

I’ve mentioned him before, but this is a more formal intro.  He’s a strong-willed, active, super duper picky, skinny little boy who just turned two.  Likes garbage trucks, reading, trains, vacuum cleaners, helping cook and bake, being outside.  Dislikes eating, most foods, not doing things exactly his way (hm…sounds familiar), having anything on his hands (fingerpaint, food, sand, etc), getting his face wet, wearing socks.

I’d love to share some of the activities The Littlest Apple and I do together, though I promise to explore other topics too!  I’ve been feeling all kinds of guilty for not keeping a better journal/baby-book for him, so I’m hoping this new blog format will serve that purpose to some extent.  Even if no one else is interested in my posts about The Littlest Apple, I know the grandmas will be, and I’ll have a written record of what we did to survive the terrible twos.  And oh yeah, we started the terrible twos about six months ago.  Gulp.

So welcome to The NEW Picky Apple blog!  I hope you find something here you like and that you’ll come back and visit again soon!

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  1. Blogging is time consuming, no doubt about it. And you’re right, there’s more to life than just cooking. Kids deserve all of our time. The amount of time they need us is really short in the whole span of life.
    You have a goodlookin’ topic of discussion there; he looks like a lot of fun. 😀

    Being a Mom is so rewarding and being a good Mom is challenging. Sharing your experiences will only help other Moms to laugh and to cope.
    All the best to your new direction,

  2. Debra permalink

    I can’t wait to read more! I like the new format.

  3. Sounds like a good plan to me! I typically prefer blogs with “personality” weaved in anyway. 🙂

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