Apr 18 08
by cara
at 2:14 PM
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Update: Food Allergies

Hello, readers!  I’ve been feeling all kinds of guilty for not updating my blog more this past week.  Just wanted to let you know why:  Our family is dealing with some new food allergies:  eggs (diagnosed) and gluten (suspected, but not yet diagnosed).  Obviously, those are having an impact on my baking, and I haven’t really been cooking anything too exciting for dinner this week either.  Most of my dinner experiments have gone horribly wrong lately….just ask The Picky Apple about the Macadamia Crusted Mahi I made last week (sounds good, right?  It was a disaster.)  I’m not giving up baking, so fear not!  I’m usually baking for others anyway, so I’ll be back in business in a few days.  I just have some things to sort out first.

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From motherhood

  1. Oh, food allergies are so not fun. I hope you get answers and some ways to work around the allergies!

  2. There are mamy wonderful blogs that deal with gluten free if it turns out this is true. Hope everything sorts out.

  3. {{{hugs}}} to you for dealing with the allergies. DH has many allergies that must be cooked around (and me – not a cook!) they’re not fun.

    be warned – even something undiagnosed can turn out to be a ‘sensitivity’ that must be dealt with pretty much as an allergy. they can still cause symptoms – mood swings even.

    hoping the best for your family!

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