Sep 10 11
by cara
at 6:40 AM
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It’s a …….


The Picky Apple and I were hoping for another boy, so we’re thrilled!  The Littlest Apple is excited to have a baby brother!

The Littlest Apple has decided that his baby brother should be named Slingshot, and he’s been telling everyone the baby’s new “name”-doctors, teachers, friends, grandparents, strangers at the grocery store.  What a great nickname, right?!  I’m not sure where he got it from, but we love it.  So much catchier than “the baby” or “baby brother.”  Since we will keep the baby’s name a secret from everyone (even family!) until he’s born, Slingshot he shall be called for now.

I’m now just over 20 weeks, and everything is going great.  Slingshot is measuring right on track and so am I.  I am relieved that this pregnancy has been drama free (so far).  It’s truly a breath of fresh air.

I just made the switch to some maternity clothes.  None of my maternity clothes from my pregnancy with The Littlest Apple were working for me (wrong season, worn out, my tastes have changed), so I’ve been carefully picking out some new stuff.  I’ll share more on that in another post.  Let’s just say I have a love/hate relationship with maternity clothes.

This won’t turn in to a pregnancy or baby blog, but I may do the occasional baby or pregnancy post along with my usual recipes, crafts, etc.  (For instance, some maternity style ideas, info on the new baby’s nursery, stroller suggestions, etc).

PS.  How many of my astute readers noticed that I updated the sidebar of my blog with the gender reveal (in my profile, along with a new photo) 4 days before I wrote this post?

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