Oct 18 09
by cara
at 8:15 PM
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Apple Picks

I’m definitely going to be making these Pumpkin Spice Magic Bar Mini’s from Picky Palate sometime this week.  They look delicious, and I can’t wait to use my mini cheesecake pan!  See what I mean?  Don’t they look scrumptious?!

Pumpkin Spice Magic Bar Minis

image from Picky Palate

I have a tendency to just shut down completely whenever I get the slightest bit sick.  Definitely something I can’t do now that I’m a mom.  This post from Keeper of the Home gives some great tips on Keeping the Home Fires Burning While Mama’s Sick.

I’m hoping the tips from Clean as You Go, Managing the Meal Prep Mess from Simple Mom will help me to be less messy when I cook.  I love cooking, but hate the cleanup afterwards!  I’ve always known that I should clean as I go, but never quite knew how to do that.


image from Simple Mom

Here’s a great article from the PBS Parents website all about accepting our limitations as parents.  The Good Enough Mother, by Elaine Heffner explains that a good enough mother:

  • loves her child but not all of his behavior.
  • isn’t always available to her child whenever he wants her.
  • can’t possibly prevent all her child’s frustrations and moods.
  • has needs of her own which may conflict with those of her child.
  • loses it sometimes.
  • is human and makes mistakes.
  • learns from her mistakes.
  • uses her own best judgment.

This was JUST what I needed to read this week!

On the fashion front, here’s a list of The Staples for Every Woman’s Wardrobe from Wardrobe 911.  A very well written and well thought out post!  I’ve got most of these staples in my closet, so I must be doing something right!

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