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Sep 6 08

Breakfast Burritos

by cara

The Picky Apple and I have breakfast for dinner several times a month, typically in the form of an assemble-your-own breakfast taco bar.  We’ve used the assemble-your-own approach in the past because The Picky Apple favors lots of eggs with jalapeno added, and I prefer lots of hash browns, cheese, and light on the eggs. […]

Apr 5 10

Easter Recap and Tips for a Successful Brunch

by cara

Subtitle: A Control Freak’s Guide to Hosting Brunch Easter Brunch went off without any major hitches yesterday.  We certainly had plenty of food to eat!  I had an ambitious menu, including five new recipes.  (Since it was family, I didn’t mind doing a little experimenting.)  I was pleasantly surprised that ALL five of those dishes […]

Apr 3 10

Easter Brunch 2010

by cara

I finalized my Easter Brunch menu yesterday, and wanted to share.  We’re going to have WAY too much food, but I wanted a nice assortment of breakfast and lunch items since everyone will be here well in to the afternoon (at least they were last year).  I’m excited about all of the new recipes I’m […]

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