Dec 18 11
by cara
at 7:25 PM
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Button and Nail Christmas Tree Craft

If you’re looking for something that’s not too messy to keep your kids busy this week before Christmas, this may be the project for you!  If you’ve got little kids (or big kids) who like to play with hammers, then this is definitely the project for you!  I saw this on No Time For Flashcards, and knew it would be a good one for The Littlest Apple.

We used plastic hammers and real nails to hammer buttons onto a styrofoam cone to make a button Christmas tree.  The Littlest Apple stuck with this for longer than expected, but did get a little frustrated with some of our buttons that had extra-large holes (because they kept falling off the nails).  I went with a white cone because a) that’s all I could find and b) I thought it would make a pretty snow-covered backdrop for our green and red buttons since I knew we wouldn’t be completely covering the tree.  If you want it to look more like a Christmas tree, you could use a green styrofoam cone.

What activities do you have planned to keep your kids busy while they’re out of school for the Christmas break?

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