Dec 12 11
by cara
at 6:58 AM
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Sugar Cone Christmas Trees

This is yet another activity I’ve seen all over Pinterest and the many blogs I read, and I made it part of our Activity Advent Calendar this year.  You cover ice cream cones in green frosting (or the color of your choice) to look like Christmas trees, then decorate them with candy.  We decorated ours with mini M & Ms, which stuck nicely to the frosting.  I intended to buy M &Ms in the regular colors and wound up with Christmas colors, but it was no big deal.  I also had lots of Christmas sprinkles on hand, but they didn’t stick well to our frosting.  The Littlest Apple enjoyed spreading the frosting onto the sugar cone and sticking the M&M’s on the tree…he stuck with that a lot longer than I expected!  I like how his M&M’s aren’t stuck flat to the tree.    Of course, his favorite part was eating his creation at the end!  This could be a great project for a larger group of kids!

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