Mar 30 11
by cara
at 6:21 AM
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Does It Dissolve?

Here’s another fun hands-on activity to keep curious hands occupied and learning at the same time!  I read about this dissolving activity at Totally Tots, and we did this one morning during Spring Break.

Does It Dissolve?

First, I explained the definition of “dissolve”-when something breaks into pieces so small that you can no longer see it.

Then I presented eight different substances for The Littlest Apple to experiment with (7 are pictured below, the 8th was instant tea).  Each substance was labeled with a post it note (I’m starting to work with him on sounding out words and word recognition).

The Littlest Apple had to predict whether each substance would dissolve or not.  Then he dumped it in to a pitcher of water and stirrred, stirred, stirred.  Dumping and stirring–right up The Littlest Apple’s alley!

Then we evaluated whether his prediction was right, and he moved the post it note label to another area of the counter with 2 post its labeled “dissolve” and “no”.

The Littlest Apple had such a great time with this, and I was surprised at how well he followed along with the steps for the process (hypothesis, experiment, result).

The only thing I might change next time is to have a separate bowl/cup/container of water for each substance.  Once we put some of the things that didn’t dissolve into the water, it made it harder to discern which things were dissolving.

I’m hoping to share more “science” activities like this in the future!

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