Oct 5 09
by cara
at 7:39 PM
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I wrote about this on Facebook today, but I thought it was worth sharing here too….

Today I was the mom in the grocery store with the screaming child.  You know, the one that everyone glares at?  The one I swore I’d never be.  (This is where the judge not lest ye be judged bit comes to mind…..)  Anyway, instead of cutting my losses and leaving, I kept shopping, thinking maybe I could bribe The Littlest Apple into behaving with snacks I brought along.  I HATE grocery shopping, and we really needed our groceries today!  The checker and sacker took forever, and The Littlest Apple was still screaming off and on.  Finally they finished loading the cart, and in my rush to exit the store so people would stop glaring at us, I failed to notice that the sacker had precariously perched my loaf of bread. Said bread fell down and I ran over it with my cart. Awesome.

So instead of French bread this week, we’ll be having flatbread.

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