Sep 26 11
by cara
at 5:33 PM
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Cup Stacking

Last week, The Littlest Apple found a stack of disposable plastic cups leftover from my small group meeting and started lining them up and stacking them.  I never even thought to give him plastic cups to play with, but as soon as I saw his interest in the cups, I immediately pounced on the opportunity to make this a “learning” activity.

tongue out helps him focus, apparently…

Here are all the ways we played with the plastic cups:

  • We stacked them top to bottom as high as we could
  • We lined them up
  • We sorted them by color (there were red and blue cups)
  • We made patterns
  • We stacked them pyramid style (both big and little pyramids)
  • We watched some videos online of kids speed stacking cups, and then timed ourselves to see how fast we could stack them up and take them down
  • We tossed a plastic golf ball into the cups
  • We smashed and crashed them and knocked them down (not my favorite part, but The Littlest Apple certainly liked this!)

The first time we played with them for about an hour and a half (and much of that was The Littlest Apple playing all by himself, something he rarely does).  An HOUR AND A HALF!!

Plastic cups.

Who knew?!

What strange things around the house keep your kids entertained?

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